Brian K Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente have a new digital comic out, available on the interwebs only. It’s a detective yarn set in a futuristic world where everyone has a secret identity (but no super powers). Its first issue is now available (you pay what you want for it) and it’s fucking great. Get it here.

You can choose to download it for free but that means you’re a bit of an asshole. EDIT: Someone just added “or poor” in the comments (referring to that bit about being an asshole if you don’t pay for the download). That person means well, I’m sure. Here’s the thing: you pay what you want. That means you can pay 50 cents for it. I don’t care how poor you are, if you can’t pay fifty cents for something that very talented creators have worked very hard on, here’s my advice: Wait. Save up. I’m asking you to save fifty cents. It’s not that hard. Then pay these awesome guys those few shiny nickels and read that awesome comic knowing you paid for something that deserves it. Don’t be part of that generation that feels they are owed whatever they can’t afford. Rise above that. Let’s reward creativity, shall we?

Check out the amazing cover art for Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga chapter 8.

Courtesy of Comicbookressources who have a great article on Fiona staples’ work.

Eduardo Risso recreates the cover art for Action Comics #1, and it is awesome.

The artwork in Corey Lewis's SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z is so dynamic it’s mind-exploding. I love it. Click on the book’s title to buy it from Oni Press (but not without the first one - it’s equally great).

Just by the by, the second issue (or chapter, as they like to call it) of Fiona Staples and Brian K Vaughan’s amazing sci fi epic SAGA came out yesterday. It’s better than marmalade. Make yourself more happiness and go buy it as well as chapter one, your face will smile.

Corey Lewis’ SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z is finally out!!!!

Volume one was released in 2005, so that’s a seven year wait! Too damn long!

But it’s out now and the comic world will never be the same again!



Keep an eye on THIS

I have no clue what exactly it is, I’ll find out in April, same as all of you, but it’s got some cool names attached to it and seems to by a hybrid movie - comicbook - thingie…


Oh, and follow THIS TWITTER ACCOUNT and like THIS FACEBOOK PAGE to find out more as more becomes findable…

I want Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon to do more damn SUGARSHOCK, dammit.

That is all.

Brian K Vaughan’s (and Fiona Staples’) SAGA is out today!!!

I have been going through the motions, in the last year or two, in terms of my comic book consumption. I still buy my stack every Wednesday, and there are titles that I quit enjoy, but none of those amazing situations where you finish an issue and you just cannot fucking wait for next month so you can pick up it’s follow-up.

Well, until today, that is.

Brian K Vaughan has been away from the comic book stands for too damn long. August 2010 saw Issue #50 of Ex Machina hit stands, and then there was radio silence. That’s a year and a damn half ago. But no worries, the man is back with arguably his most ambitious title yet.

Fans of Starwars and Star Trek will drool at the sheer potential of his new Image Comics title, SAGA. The first issue alone showcases multiple species, magic spells, robots fucking, winged aliens and a goddamn crocodile butler. A. Crocodile. Butler.

The artwork by Fiona Staples is amazing. The clothing looks great, the characters have more than three facial expressions (I call that the Marvel curse - even though it applies to DC too), the worlds look complete and, most importantly, Staples understands what she needs to show you and when to keep the panel simple and sparse to let the characters breath a little.

What we are promised here is a sprawling, epic space adventure that will both shatter genre expectations and yet give you everything you could possibly want out of good ol’ sexy sci-fi sagas.

I cannot wait for next month to pick up issue #2…

The truth.
EDIT: I just realized that Paulina Ho, responsible for this awesome lil’ comic that could, has a Tumblr accout right HERE. Follow her, she’s pretty great…

The truth.

EDIT: I just realized that Paulina Ho, responsible for this awesome lil’ comic that could, has a Tumblr accout right HERE. Follow her, she’s pretty great…

Aardman Animation does magic with DC superheros.

My day was made by this.

(Thanks to TWITCH for the link!) 

Thank you amazon guy for bringing me this geek loot!