Want to read the most intelligent and exciting articles on film & cinema happening today? All of Film Crit Hulk’s articles are lovingly compiled right HERE just for you! The “HULK EXPLAIN ACTION SCENES!" article (split into three days) is fascinating and an absolute must read (I wish action directors everywhere took a moment and read those too, to be honest… coughMichaelBaycough…)

Devin Faraci, of Badass Digest, writes a fantastic piece on how the atrocious Starwars prequels made him a better film fan and I agree with every word.

Read that HERE.

FilmCriticHulk hits it out of the park with THIS LITTLE ESSAY about why we love movies. A great read!

A fantastic article on Batman fandom was written by HULK over at Badassdigest. You should check it out, it’s insightful and right on the money.

Also, and this is a bloody miracle, the comment section is a great extension/discussion on the article.

Must read: FILMCRITHULK article on the state of movie discussion and where it SHOULD be. Here’s somebody writting exaclty what I’ve been thinking, but better than I ever could have expressed it (and also in all caps Hulk voice, which is a bonus).


This is a quote from from Dan Whitehead’s review of The Adventures Of Tintin:

"Two parts Indiana Jones to one part Buster Keaton, it proves once and for all that you can construct a breathless all-ages rollercoaster without abandoning such quaint concepts as character, wit and clarity of purpose."

How great is that? Read the entire Badass Digest review HERE.

Details on Attack The Block’s home video release!


Badass Digest got their hands on the details for ATTACK THE BLOCK’s October 25th DVD/Bluray release! Head over there and let sweet sweet anticipation wash over you!

PS: Devin Faraci is right, it really is the best movie of the year, so far.

(Or, at least, my favorite!)