I realize I’m like a broken record when it comes to this movie, but ATTACK THE BLOCK is out on blu-ray and DVD today in north-America. Go rent or buy that shit, you will not regret!

Congratulations ATTACK THE BLOCK!

Yup. Not done bugging you about this flick (coming out on DVD/Bluray NEXT WEEK in North America).

They just picked up four awards at the Sitges festival 2011!

They won best original soundtrack, the special jury award, the audience award for best motion picture, as well as the Jose Luis critic award!

Attack The Block at the MOMA!

Hey New-York pals, Attack The Block (this year’s best film) is playing at the MOMA this Thursday with writer/director Joe Cornish in attendance for a Q&A.

If you haven’t seen this fantastic movie I can think of no better occasion to check it out.

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets, go HERE.

You’re welcome.

Details on Attack The Block’s home video release!


Badass Digest got their hands on the details for ATTACK THE BLOCK’s October 25th DVD/Bluray release! Head over there and let sweet sweet anticipation wash over you!

PS: Devin Faraci is right, it really is the best movie of the year, so far.

(Or, at least, my favorite!)

Attack The Block

Well now, that’s not really fair is it?

How in the sweet taste of chocolate fudge is any movie supposed to top ATTACK THE BLOCK this Summer?

Joe Cornish wrote and directed this. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of him, you’re not alone (unless you’re British, in which case: Pay attention man, the guy’s been on your TV and Radio air waves for years!). I got wind of this guy’s existence a couple of years ago when I read that he was co-writting Ant-Man with dear old Edgar Wright (him and Wright, along with Steven Moffat of Dr Who and Sherlock fame, also co-wrote the screenplay to the upcoming Tintin movie). Then I found out that he was writing and directing a movie co-produced by Wright about kids, in a less-than-desirable neighborhood of South London, protecting their block during an alien invasion. That, obviously, got me curious and I started to follow the progress of the movie very closely (I have blogged excitedly about posters and trailers for Attack The Block on several occasions).  

Sometimes anticipation pays off. Tonight, along with two pals, I got to see the movie Attack The Block at the Fantasia film festival and let me tell you: it left me breathless.

The film is expertly written, paced like a bomb going off in slow motion. It escalates at such a perfect rythm, always either funny or tense or even touching, the threat growing more and more real as the minutes go by. 

The kids are uniformely fantastic but John Boyega, playing the leader of the pack - a kid named Moses - stands out as a real shining star. This guy is amazing. He plays every moment exactly right. He knows when to keep up the tough kid facade and when to let his vulnerability seep through the cracks, even just for a fleeting moment. Seeing him transform from thug to something better, greater,  is a uplifting thing indeed.

The film is fantastically scored by Basement Jaxx and, while I don’t know if the songs stand up on their own, they support the film amazingly well. I couldn’t think of a mor eperfect music to carry the film.

I don’t want to go on for too long but I need to mention the creature design, after all this is an alien invasion movie, so there are aliens. Let me just say that I haven’t been this excited about a new monster design in a very very long time. It’s simply brilliant, what they’ve done. The monsters are completely unique, scary, dynamic and yet very simple. No zillion tentacles or weirdly placed extra arms or whatever. Any fan of monster movies owes it the themselves to go see Attack The Block if only for that.

I can pretty much garantee this movie’s place very high up in my top favorites of the year, come december.

Apparently the movie will be released on screens across North America in August. Seek it out. If it doesn’t play your town then wait for the DVD and buy or rent it. Don’t download it. Give Joe Cornish your twenty bucks. Show the distributors that you want quality movies like this, not under written shit like Transformers.

Attack The Block is one of the most exciting movies you’ll see this year.

Allow it.