Theatrical trailer for The World’s End, Edgar Wright’s new film! Too many great gags to count. Pegg seems in fine form!

Here is a fantastic trailer for Edgar Wright’s THE WORLD’S END. Personally I don’t need to see anything else in terms of trailers, just the whole damn thing please.

Jonathan Levine’s adaptation of Isaac Marion’s novel Warm Bodies looks really really fun! I’m frankly a little worn out by the zombie genre but I will definitely be seeing this one. The cast looks great and it just looks really fun… (Also: Rob Corddry!)

Got the embed from Badass Digest.

Michale Mohan’s SAVE THE DATE looks utterly lovely and is available today at the iTune store and various other On Demand outlets. It’ll be in theaters later this year. I’ll be watching it tonight. Please do things right and don’t download this small independent film illegally, because you’re not a complete douchebag.

The trailer for Wong Kar Wai’s five years in the making kung fu epic The Grandmasters delivers on it’s promise. This looks great!

Here’s that Iron-Man 3 trailer in not HD. 

Check out the trailer in glorious quicktime HERE

New trailer for JACK REACHER sells me. This looks like a fun throwback movie with good badass dialogue.

Trailer for Spielberg’s LINCOLN.

'nough said.

The new SKYFALL trailer is here and, if you ask me, it’s everything a trailer for a new James Bond nmovie needs to be. What a blast! November can’t come soon enough!

Just watched this extended trailer for Cloud Atlas, a collaboration between directors  Tom Tykwer and Lana and Andy Wachowski, based on the book by David Mitchell. It has sky-rocketed to the top of my 2012 must see list. This trailer is beautiful and heartbreaking and exciting and so goddamn ambitious. I’m in awe.

A wonderful trailer for a documentary on Drew Struzan, one of my favorite movie poster artists of all time. I written before about how sad I was at the general state of the movie poster these days (thank got Mondo Tees are doing wonderful things to right that wrong.) In any case, Drew: the Man Behind The Poster is a movie celebrating this great artist and his artwork has populated so much of my childhood I can’t help but be ecstatic at the prospect of seeing this…

New trailer for Rise Of The Guardians (still not loving the title) promises big animated fun! I’m definitely seeing this one!

Thanks to for the embed! (also they have more info on the movie that I’m too lazy to type, so go there for more!)

New trailer for Keishi Otomo’s live action Rurouni Kenshin (based on a Manga I’ve never read) promises really awesome fight scenes. I’m quite interested in seeing this…

Thanks to the ever great twitchfilms for the find.

I like Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, and I LOVE car chases, so I’m seeing this.

There’s a link for glorious HD quicktime fun, right HERE.

It doesn’t matter that I have no idea what anybody is saying, everything about this new trailer for Mamoru Hosoda’s The Wolf Children Ame And Yuki feels beautiful and touching and just right.