Mondo Tees has a new Sand Diego comic con-exclusive poster, by artist Jock (The Losers), for The Dark Knight Rises, and it’s miles better than anything Warner Bros has released so far. In the world of poster art, Mondo is king.


Go to badass digest to find out how to get your hands on this…

Can’t lie: that is a REALLY cool billboard for The Dark Knight Rises…

This is the first The Dark Knight Rises poster I’ve liked since that teaser with the crumbling buildings from a while back. That said, I like this, it’s badass and kinky.

Found this over at comingsoon.

My buddy Georges pointed me in the direction of the latest The Dark Knight Rises trailer.

It’s the best so far. I’m very curious how this’ll turn out.

Here’s a link to a glorious quicktime HD version.

Well, that The Dark Knight Rises trailer is online!

You can see it in glorious Quicktime HD right HERE!

Some movies I’m super looking forward to in 2012

-The Innkeepers

A bunch of peeps I know saw it last Summer at the Fantasia film fest and they all loved it. It’s one of the few I missed out on and it’s coming out in February. There’s a trailer out there that I refuse to see. I’m going in this one clean.

-John Carter

Andrew Stanton follows in the footsteps of fellow Pixar wizard (yes, they are wizards, be silent) Brad Bird and makes the jump to live action. He’s adapting pulp classic The Princess of Mars, the first John Carter adventure, published around 1917 or something. People will inevitably accuse it of ripping off Avatar and Starwars and stuff. These people will have the whole thing ass over tits. John Carter was seducing otherwordly princesses before it got cool.

-The Cabin in the woods

When Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard team up to take horror genre conventions for a spin, you stop whatever you’re doing and you bask in their collective genius like the puny lesser human that you are. Or at least I will.

-Marvel’s The Avengers

Joss Whedon is given amazing toys and ressources to pit Iron Man and Hulk and all their buddies against something probably mean and rude. I’m there.


Ridley Scott returns to the world his Alien franchise takes place in. I think this movies happens before all that stuff though. In any event it’ll look great. Also it has Michael Fassbender in it and I’m at least 5% gay for him.


It’s Pixar doing a movie not involving cars, so I’m in.

-The Dark Knight Rises

Um. You really need a description?


Ryan Johnson did an amazing film called BRICK, then he followed that up with a fantastic and completely different film called THE BROTHERS BLOOM. LOOPER is his third film, that’s enough for me. But hey, when it’s about future Bruce Willis being time machined back to the present to be assassinated by his younger self (played by regular joe Joseph Gordon Levitt) it seriously garantees my ass in the seat.

-The motherlovin’ Hobbit

(that’s not an official poster, there isn’t one yet)

I just like their hairy feet.

-Django Unchained

(that’s not an official poster, there isn’t one yet)

Quentin Tarantino is doing a cowboy movie about an escaped slave seeking vengeance or justice or something equally badass. Look, it’s Tarantino and he’s in my top five. I’m going.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’m forgetting a thousand movies but it’s 6 AM and I really should find my keys.

Later, film lovers

The Dark Knight Rises (7 first minutes)


I just got back from an IMAX theater where I was shown, along with hundreds of other fans (the place was packed), the opening seven minutes of Christopher Nolan’s final (?) Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

It was cool  and most of the footage from what we saw was filmed in IMAX and takes place on a plane and was very badass. This will be a big film and it will make Warner Bros a bunch of coins.

BUT! Something cool happened in the theater before the screening started and that’s what I want to write to you about (I’ve said all I was going to about the 7 minutes, if you want more details go somewhere else, sorry). A guy showed up to the screening in a Batman suit. It was very funny. He walked into the IMAX theater and people clapped and cheered and it was a fun moment. He walked up the ilse to find a seat and started crossing the theater in the row behind us to finally be seated. He passed me and then someone a few seats later gave him a hi-five and Batman hi-fived him and said “Hey”.

The thing, the sublime thing of it is: he said “Hey” in the Christian Bale Batman growl. It was a completely out of place but awesome mixture of friendliness and badassery and it made my night.

It’s the little things, you know?

The new Dark Night Rises poster teases an asswhuppin’.

Found this over at

My fears about the next Batman movie…

Everytime I see a new thing from The Dark Knight Rises (the teaser poster being the exception) I get the feeling that nobody wants to make that film, but they kind of have to. It must be daunting to go back and tackle the same character for a third time. What’s the upside? I’m sure Nolan has a lot of ideas that he is dying to put to film but first he has to get this one last, huge (and therefore very difficult) shoot ahead of him that he needs to get out of the way before he can concentrate on them. I feel like if the studio wasn’t there to apply pressure and wave money at him, there is simply no way Nolan would even consider making a third Batman film. Also it’s not like Christian Bale doesn’t have roles knocking at his door. What can possibly be appealing about going back yet again to play this guy who dresses up like a bat to fight crime? How many different ways can you address that without it becoming stale. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not against a third Bat film, hell I want one every three or four years forever, but I want those movies done by people who are driven by a passion for that character and that world, and I wonder how true that is for Nolan and co.

I hope I’m wrong and that it’ll be great…