Gallerie 1988 is doing an official Edgar Wright Art Show. This is one of the pieces that will be presented. It’s awesome. Enjoy spotting characters from Spaced, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End, as well as Scott Pilgrim and his friends. I want this thing on my wall… The artist who did this great piece goes by the moniker “100% soft”. Great job, sir!

I’m going to turn 39 in a couple of months.

When you’re my age it’s both easy to think of yourself as younger than you really are, and to long for the days when you actually, truly, were.

That’s where The World’s End begins. With a man my age (ish) who not only refuses to accept that he’s an older man, but who achingly longs to touch those years again, from two decades ago, when all of life was laid bare at the tips of his fingers, ripe with the promise of a fantastic life and a future paved in good times. 

But you can’t live in the past, and it’s dangerous to try.

That being said, man, it is fun to watch.

The World’s End is a beautiful, funny, clever and thrilling exploration of the dangers of refusing to grow up. It’s about the wisdom in leaving the past well enough alone, and about the fact that the past probably wouldn’t recognize you anyways (or you wouldn’t recognize it?), if you showed up at it’s doorstep begging to be let back in.

But seriously, it’s a fucking funny movie.

Here is Simon Pegg with ghosts, that I did because a friend asked me to. (It has zero to do with The World’s End other than I really really want to see that movie) (Also: I did not take that picture, I just added the ghost buddies)

Theatrical trailer for The World’s End, Edgar Wright’s new film! Too many great gags to count. Pegg seems in fine form!

Here is a fantastic trailer for Edgar Wright’s THE WORLD’S END. Personally I don’t need to see anything else in terms of trailers, just the whole damn thing please.

Comic con teaser poster for Edgar Wright’s pub crawl epic The World’s End.

I love the pub names…

Sherlock Holmes and sergeant Nicholas Angel, being goofy.

Simon Pegg tweeted this and it makes me happy.

How absolutely beautiful is that? Mr Wright and Mr Pegg working on their next film. Any one who’s seen the making-of documentaries for Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz knows what that pad means.

Six or seven months ago Edgar Wright Tweeted that he had watch something like 30 film Noirs for a project he was working on. Since then I’ve been dreaming that The World’s End was going to be their take on that genre. How great would that be? Don’t put money on it, though, he could have been referring to any number of project he’s got his mind on…

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

I hate to say “I told you so”, but, THIS.

I don’t know who called who, but I like to thing it was Tom Cruise who called up Brad Bird and say “Hey, wanna direct the next Mission: Impossible movie?” It’s not unlikely. Tom Cruise is credited as the sole producer on the movie and the man does have an eye for talent. In any case bringing Bird into the folds was a brilliant move and just what this series needed. 

Yes, Ghost Protocol is the very best action movie this year. Yes, it’s been a while since Tom Cruise has been this good. Yes, this is a TEAM movie, as opposed to the Tom Cruise show we’ve been accustomed to in this series. Every member of the team is crucial to the story. Yes yes yes!

Goddamn this is a fun movie! Relentless in it’s pace, epic in it’s stakes, energetic and confident in it’s direction, this is popcorn movie perfection. Is it layered and subtle and filled with psychological resonance? No it is not. This is not that movie. It aims only to thrill you and it never ever fails at that. Every single action beat works. Here is a movie that completely humiliates Michael Bay and his absolute lack of understanding of how to build an action scene comprehensively. Bird, in his first foray into live action, out does Bay at every turn, offering - in absolutely glorious IMAX no less - heaps upon heaps of pure cinematic badassness. 

I don’t want to give you a synopsis, it’s a Mission: Impossible movie, that’s what you need to know. If you like that sort of thing there is no way you won’t absolutely love this.

I cannot WAIT to see this again!

Nick Frost on the next Wright/Pegg/Frost movie…

"There is a draft out there, which I’ve read, and it’s great, and I think our plan is to crack on and shoot next year. Touch wood. They move and they change but we definitely want to get on with it."

So, the guys behind two of my favorite movies of the last decade are possibly finally getting back together for a third go around on the big screen!

Fingers so crossed it’s ridiculous…

Via comingsoon

A whole bunch of really awesome peeps over at Joss Whedon’s house. Pictures like this make me smile…