Seven days until new Community in my life.

I’m happy.

Trailer for new Community is better than most trailers ever and better than breakfast and far better than algebra!

You want to see the cast of Community as the cast of Street Fighter? is your new best friend, because he did just that.

I like musicals I like Community I like 30 Rock I like The Office I like Parks And Recreation this is making sense to me…

Hulk writes brilliant open letter to NBC execs about beloved NBC show Community. Must read.

Check it out over at badassdigest!


I’m re-posting this because it matters.

People of the world, stop. Listen.

This is our time.

Tonight you are getting a gift. A gift that many of you seemingly have not embraced. Especially those of you with Nielson rating boxes.

Tonight you get the gift of Community. It’s the greatest gift in televisionworld and NBC is giving it to you for free. But wait! Alas they have threatened to take it away from you (to take it away from ME!) Would you let that happen?

I’m not angry or anything, but you kind of did, a bunch of times before. I have forgiven you for not embracing Firefly like you should have, and for not seeing Freaks And Geeks for the masterpiece that it was, for letting Karen Sisko die a quiet death even though it meant an Elmore Leonard fueled hour of un-interrupted Carla Gugino EVERY WEEK.  So, you let me down a bunch of times and it’s resulted with amazing television shows being taken off the air way, way before their time. And always I’ve forgiven you. Normally I would say that what you check on your little paper that the Nielson company hands you every once in whenever is your business, but tonight frankly it isn’t. Tonight you are fighting a war, you are fighting for something that is bigger than just you. Tonight you are fighting for all those smart, awesome, very pretty people who DON’T have Nielson boxes and don’t get a say into what shows are deserving of a slot on the coveted Thursday night comedy bonanza. Tonight you speak for them. And guess what? The Big Bang Theory isn’t going to get cancelled if you all check out Community tonight. The Big Bang Theory is here to stay. It is a less funny, less smart, less original show than Community, but if you want to watch it that’s cool, I respect that. Keep watching it, for years. But allow me to watch my show, too. Allow me my Community. Once in a while (TONIGHT!!!!!) check Community instead of TBBT on your Nielson peice of paper thing. It’s not gonna hurt you, it’s not going to take your show away from you, and it’s going to allow me to keep watching my (much better) show. And hey, don’t just check a boxon your Nielson peice of paper, check out the show, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Thank you.

Thank you for saving my favorite show.