MANDRILL is out on Blu Ray!!!

Writer/director Ernesto Díaz Espinoza’s MANDRILL is out on bluray and I urge you all to see it! It made my TOP TEN MOVIES OF 2010 because of how sublime it is. You can also read the review I wrote upon seeing it right HERE, on my older now defunct blog (wowee)!

This is the bluray cover, btw:

Check out the new BRAVE trailer…

… right HERE.

(Upon viewing the thing I’m gonna go ahead and call it a clip, even if Pixar are calling it a trailer. But it’s good.)

Here’s the new trailer for CABIN IN THE WOODS, which I refuse to watch but I’m linking for you all because I love you. Know this: it will be an amazing movie, trailer or no trailer, and I’ve heard it’s best to walk in knowing as little as possible.

Wes Anderson’s MOONRISE KINGDOM has a poster and it’s pretty and great.

John Carter (of Mars)

I came into this movie with some baggage. I love the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs and the pulpy romance aspect of it and I was hoping that would remain intact in the film version. The books are very romantic. They have a bunch of epic adventures and daring-do and bravery and stuff, but John Carter is a guy who falls in love with a princess and that’s what I like about it. I wanted John Carter to be my chick flick.

So is it any good?

The short answer is yes. It’s not perfect (I hate it when people say that! What’s perfect? Why should a movie be perfect?) but what works works so damn well that I’m willing to forgive the shortcomings.

First: The action and adventure aspect of the film is extra great! There is a battle about halfway through the film that is fucking insane. It gave me chills and made me want to cheer. John Carter is a warrior, a hero (albeit a reluctant one) and any time his heart tells him he needs to fight, sparks fly off the screen. But that’s just one scene of many, and all the adventure works incredibly well.

I really liked John Carter as a character too, he isn’t overly complex or layered and that’s fine. He’s a quiet, herioc soldier thrust into an impossible situation and I was more than willing to follow him through it. He’s funny at times but mostly a serious man, just trying to keep up with the unbelievable events unfolding around him.

The princess, Dejah Thoris, is also great! More than just John Carter's equal, she is a thrilling character, full of sacrifice, bravery and dillemas. I hope my nieces end up seeing this film and fall in awe of her. She kicks ass but she is also a great moral compass for John Carter, and a fine role model for young girls. In any case I had no trouble believing John Carter was falling in love with her, and her with him.

Even when the movie starts to, at times,  drag a little (which is the only negative criticism I have) it is always absolutely stunning to look at and the effects and scenery are awe-inspiring. I LOVE that, for example, the space ships are mechanical and stirred much like vessels instead of like, say, the Millenium Falcon. It gives the whole world it’s own unique history. They haven’t gotten to computers yet, but they’ve figured out how to sail on light waves. That’s really awesome.

This movie also gives us another magnificent score from the always great Michael Giacchino. This guy is really becoming my absolute favorite Hollywood composer and here he takes the world of Barsoom (Mars, in the Burroughs universe) and gives it even more emotional depth and grandeur with his sweeping melodies and epic score. 

I will buy John Carter when it comes out on bluray and I will watch it again several times, pouring over every detail of the world and wishing I too could go have adventures on Mars and court a lovely and brave princess and win her heart. 

As far as ass-kicking, rip-roaring sci-fi pulp adventures go, this one’s a winner. I hope they make Gods Of Mars and Warlord of Mars too, and we get an amazing John Carter trilogy! After the terrible Starwars prequels, I think we more than deserve it.

So, yeah, long story short, this will be my new chick flick for a while. There’s a hot princess in it, so it counts.

Isn’t it weird that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter actially looks like a pretty great action film? PROOF

Prometheus keeps looking better and better. I can’t wait…

Trailer for the film adaptation of the popular Manga Rurouni Kenshin makes me very much willing to check it out, how about you?

Check out this AMAZING Hungarian poster for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. I can’t find the artist who did this, just that it’s Hungarian and fucking great.

There is a teaser for David Cronenberg’s insano new movie COSMOPOLIS and it looks shitballs crazy (and really really great)!

It looks like I might be seeing a Robert Pattinson movie in the somewhat near future, who’d’ve thunk it?

This looks fun!

It’s called RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, based on a series of books by a William Joyce.

It basically has Santa Claus, Jack Frost, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and the Sandman all joining forces to fight evil or something. Anyways, the trailer is kind of gorgeous.

See the it in glorious Quicktime right HERE.

Americans! Go see DETENTION this weekend!

DETENTION is out today in select cities in the US! If any of you out there are looking for a bat-shit insane alternative to WRATH OF THE TIGHT PANTS, I assure you you can do no better than DETENTION (which I reviewed right HERE as part of my exhaustive and sexy coverage of last year’s Fantasia film festival).

This is a weird movie in the best, most deliriously entertaining way possible. Also, it co-stars the dreamy Josh Hutchandthensome from the hit Hunger Games movie all you kids are raving about.

Be a good, patriotic American and go see DETENTION this weekend, it will prove once and for all that your soul is pink, wears a monocle and knows one karate move really well.

Jeff Desom, using his mastery of After Effects, did something unbelievable with Alfred Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW. He created a panoramic shot of Jimmy Stewart’s entire backyard, using footage from the film, and shows you all the events that unfold in the movie through one continuous time lapse shot. It’s kind of mind blowing.

Thanks to AINTITCOOL for the find.

The MONDO poster for The Cabin In The Woods is escherrific and great.

The word “escherrific”, however, is not.