That’s it, from now on I want mondo tees to be in charge of all of the posters, forever. This amazing The Goonies poster is by Randy Ortiz. Google him, he’s earned it.

Mondo Tees has a new Sand Diego comic con-exclusive poster, by artist Jock (The Losers), for The Dark Knight Rises, and it’s miles better than anything Warner Bros has released so far. In the world of poster art, Mondo is king.


Go to badass digest to find out how to get your hands on this…

And possibly my favorite of their ongoing Avengers poster series, Mondo's super badass THOR, by the über talented Martin Ansin.

Here’s MONDO's amazing Iron Man poster, as part of their on going Avengers series. This one's done by the great Kevin Tong.

Mondo continues their Avengers poster series with this amazing Cap poster by Phantom City Creative. It’s wow.

Mondo do an epic John Carter poster for the ages… simply astounding.

Found this over at aintitcool

Fucking MONDO can do no wrong! Check out this stunning DRIVE poster by Ken Taylor. This goes on sale online this Thursday and if you buy me a copy I will french kiss you.