Americans! Go see DETENTION this weekend!

DETENTION is out today in select cities in the US! If any of you out there are looking for a bat-shit insane alternative to WRATH OF THE TIGHT PANTS, I assure you you can do no better than DETENTION (which I reviewed right HERE as part of my exhaustive and sexy coverage of last year’s Fantasia film festival).

This is a weird movie in the best, most deliriously entertaining way possible. Also, it co-stars the dreamy Josh Hutchandthensome from the hit Hunger Games movie all you kids are raving about.

Be a good, patriotic American and go see DETENTION this weekend, it will prove once and for all that your soul is pink, wears a monocle and knows one karate move really well.


There is no doubt that this is a tremendous year for the Fantasia film festival: the movie line up has thus far been excellent. But still, there are standouts. Three, so far. I raved about ATTACK THE BLOCK and I raved about SUPER, rightfully so on both counts, and now I’m going to rave about Detention. If you are tired of reading my ravings, there are a lot of places on the internet where you can go read a million complaints a million people have about a million different things. Tonight this is not that place. This is where I tell you about a great fucking movie called Detention

…except I don’t know how to.


It’s clearly a teen movie. But no wait it’s a slasher. But it has a flying saucer in it. Oh, and time travel. And mutations and gore. And dancing. Actually no it’s definitely a teen movie.


Okay let’s leave the story aside for a second: this movie looks gorgeous. It is amazingly well shot and edited and when I found out - there was a Q&A with the writer/director, the co-writer and two of the actors after our screening - that it cost a minuscule 2.5 million dollars (minuscule by Hollywood standards) I couldn’t believe it. Hell, if you’d have told me 30 million I would’ve still doubted you. The camera is alive and clever and full of great tricks through out the film. In a way it sort of reminded me of the Coen borther’s camera work circa Raising Arizona. Yes this is high praise indeed.

This is very much a movie for the twitter generation. Texting and graphics appear on the screen many times over the course of the film, always to great effect, and other than the main character, not a lot of people talk for more that 142 characters at a time. Still, the dialogues are often gold. Characters are witty and the quick back and forth is hilarious (so much so in fact that, with a crowd, you will often miss something a character says because people are busy laughing at whatever hapened the second before).

This is also a movie that will reward repeat viewing. You could watch it in slow-motion and still miss stuff. The movie NEVER slows down to let you catch up. It is going for the gold at the 100 yard sprint, for it’s entire 88 minutes running time.

Director Joseph Kahn outdoes himself here, following the legendary TORQUE (of which I’m a huge fan) with a movie completely different and endlessly rewarding. I have no idea when the movie will be released (though Kahn assured me he had distribution for it when I briefly caught up with him after the Q&A - he gave me a fist bumb, saying his hands were too sweaty for a handshake - heh) but I can’t recommend it enough. Seek it out. If it never plays near you but you run into it at the video store, rent it. Joseph Kahn paid for the damned thing himself, so again (and I know I say this a lot) downloading this movie is NOT COOL. Let the fella get some of his money back, guys.

If you’re up to seeing a truly crazy and yet completely accessible movie (seriously, don’t let the outlandishness scare you away - this will please everyone), look no further than the absolutely bonker mayhem that is the unmissable Detention.