There’s a lot of songs out there about who broke your heart, who used you, how much you’re hurt and all that’s been taken from you, and what it’s taken you to get back up, to brush your shoulders off and go at it again. And that’s fine. There’s enough room in the world for art about that.

Here’s the thing though: why is there no art about that other thing? About that time you felt lonely so you settled for someone you normally wouldn’t throw a look at, made them feel amazing and used them, like a crutch, to help you back up, to help you be the old you again, and then discarded them without looking back once you were better. Where’s the song about that? Or the illustration? The sculpture? The thing?

Where’s the illustration about not being honest with someone? Where’s the painting about doing the easy thing instead of the right thing?

Why are we only highlighting what makes us look victimized? How is that honest? I’m tired of “poor me” art.

If we don’t talk about our cruelty, does it stop existing? Is it even cruelty? Seems like a strong word… Maybe carelessness? Here is what I’m talking about: Sometimes what we need, or what we do, isn’t pretty. It’s ugly. We manipulate and we suck life and love and adoration out of weaker hearts and when we do this, once we’re done doing this, when we’re ready to go about our life, the exit strategy isn’t always clean, or honest. Sometimes we think about how to get it done easy without thinking about what that means for the other person’s dignity, or self worth. We do this. It’s not okay but there it is. Maybe you’re reading this and you’re thinking to yourself “Well, that’s clearly not about me” and maybe that’s true. I doubt it though.

I’ll tell you one thing: it’s certainly about me. I’ve been there, that, more than once. I’m not proud of it but it’s in my past all the same.

I should be clear about something here: I hope everyone everywhere is always trying to be a good person. I think there is nothing to aspire to that is more worthy than kindness. I’m not writing about this to excuse being a dick to people. It is never okay to do this. To stop calling someone without telling them why. To be dishonest. To cheat. To use. To be selfish. But sometimes we do it. It’s wrong and we shouldn’t and we should aspire not to, but it happens because we are flawed and we can be petty and lazy and shitty. And we never talk about it, because self-pity is so much easier to mine for imagery. It’s so much easier to say “poor me” than to say “well, I’m not proud of this but there it is, it’s something darker and it’s ugly I guess but it’s true, and  it’s some of me, and I’m showing you.”

I’m just so tired of browsing tumblr and only seeing one side of the aftermath of a relationship. I don’t believe for one second that those photographers and illustrators and musicians and those assholes who find a photo on the internet and just write something “deep” on top of it, I don’t believe these people, talented though they may be, I don’t believe that they are only what they project in their creation. Maybe your heart is broken today, it doesn’t mean you weren’t a little shit to someone else two months ago. Let’s see you draw about that.

(I apologize for the rant and I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and I love you all and I love your amazing butts too)

You can get it HERE!
It was drawn by me and colored by my friend Mathieu. We are amazing artists (clearly) but, more importantly, when we activate our Friends Forever powers and assemble (in a series of carefully choreographed moves), we become… TWO! DUDES! HUGGIIIIIIINNNNNNG!


You can get it HERE!

It was drawn by me and colored by my friend Mathieu. We are amazing artists (clearly) but, more importantly, when we activate our Friends Forever powers and assemble (in a series of carefully choreographed moves), we become… TWO! DUDES! HUGGIIIIIIINNNNNNG!


Gallerie 1988 is doing an official Edgar Wright Art Show. This is one of the pieces that will be presented. It’s awesome. Enjoy spotting characters from Spaced, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End, as well as Scott Pilgrim and his friends. I want this thing on my wall… The artist who did this great piece goes by the moniker “100% soft”. Great job, sir!

Everything is bad and wrong and terrible and I’m sad all the time. That’s the truth. But sometimes there’s a good movie that comes out and it makes me happy and it opens up in my head and it lets a world in, free to roam inside me, in my thoughts, and I think about it and get lost in it and there’s really nothing quite like it. Still, the world is the worst and people don’t think I’m pretty and also I’m old and always sad. But. But sometimes an artist I like will write a song I like or an album and I’ll fall in love with some melodies and yes it’s love it’s not something else. It’s not appreciation or admiration it’s love. And I’m in love with the song or the songs and it feels good but I’m still sad all the time. Because there’s every reason to be sad it seems. Because everything is terrible and why do I hate myself so much and why am I not doing more things to improve or better myself and everything is grey and cold and bleak and I’m depressed. But then I’m on the internet or flipping through an art magazine and I’ll discover an illustrator or painter or a sculptor, someone who just makes beautiful things or thought provoking things and I’ll be fascinated and awed because talent and cleverness and skill impress me so much and it makes me feel alive just to see what great artists can produce and it makes everything worthwhile doesn’t it. But no this place is the worst and I walk around feeling lonely and wrong about everything and I just want to punish myself for being only me and not something more and not something great, someone special. I’m a guy with hair on his back but not on his head and I can’t get rid of my belly even though I run 10K every two days because I eat like an asshole because eating well depresses me man I am so depressed. But then I get with my friends and they are an amazing bunch and they are flawed like me and they have moments of brilliance and they have moments of failures and they have weaknesses and I find them so powerful because no matter how difficult it gets here they are and I guess here we all are and we’re together and yes it’s tough and sometimes I cry and maybe you do too but you’re here and I’m here and it hasn’t stopped you and we haven’t quit yet and the small moments of illumination make it all worth while don’t they?

My friend Mathieu makes my doodles extra better once again with his awesome colouring skillz!

I got dressed up just for you.

Me and a ghost buddy. Haven’t posted anything in a while so today you get this. Hope you’re doing we’ll.

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and check out Sandra Reichls fantastic work… 

Oaksandroses was nice enough to compliment my wolf on my last drawing, so I drew her with it. Thank you for being nice to me :)

Books, movies and music to help me forget about you. #illustration #doodle #art #icantdrawwolves

I just tried to draw this weird posture which is the exact posture of falling up in stars.

Brian K Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente have a new digital comic out, available on the interwebs only. It’s a detective yarn set in a futuristic world where everyone has a secret identity (but no super powers). Its first issue is now available (you pay what you want for it) and it’s fucking great. Get it here.

You can choose to download it for free but that means you’re a bit of an asshole. EDIT: Someone just added “or poor” in the comments (referring to that bit about being an asshole if you don’t pay for the download). That person means well, I’m sure. Here’s the thing: you pay what you want. That means you can pay 50 cents for it. I don’t care how poor you are, if you can’t pay fifty cents for something that very talented creators have worked very hard on, here’s my advice: Wait. Save up. I’m asking you to save fifty cents. It’s not that hard. Then pay these awesome guys those few shiny nickels and read that awesome comic knowing you paid for something that deserves it. Don’t be part of that generation that feels they are owed whatever they can’t afford. Rise above that. Let’s reward creativity, shall we?