My friend Mathieu coloured a poster drawing I did of Pacific Rim and now it’s more magnificent than ever!!!

That’s me. That’s what that is.

I got dressed up just for you.

See Pacific Rim this weekend. Bring your friends, make a thing of it. 

I’m ordering you (for your own good).

Sometimes I can’t sleep and I think back to 2012 and the girl. I’ll check up on her through interweb magic (because I’m an idiot), and I’ll see how much happier she is now that she’s rid herself of me, and I’m reminded of how easy that was for her, and I’ll see that her artwork has never been better, and how she’s overflowing with love for her new man, and how you can look as hard as you want but in the end, there is - in the lines she traces or the words she types - no longer any trace of me. There is nothing, not even a shadow, an echo, a hint.

And I’m left to wonder if I was ever there at all.

We hung out all day and now the little ghosts are beat. They party hard and they Zzzzzz hard.

Me and a ghost buddy. Haven’t posted anything in a while so today you get this. Hope you’re doing we’ll.

Nap time with my ghost buds.




Test Number Three.

 Necropolis will launch at the end of August as an ongoing weekly webcomic.  Stay tuned!

-Jake Wyatt

wow. everything about this is perfect.


This is the most amazing thing. Bravo!

Check out Hope Larson’s very very lovely short film “Bitter orange”. It stars Brie Larson (no relations) whom you might remember from playing Scott’s ex in the Scott Pilgrim movie. It’s a period piece set in the 20s and it’s all kinds of lovely.

After watching this, click over to badass digest to read a great article on the making of the film…

I googled “fart” today. This was the first image.

I googled “fart” today. This was the first image.

That’s all I got.