Just watched Short Term 12 (it’s on Netflix U.S.). It’s magnificent. Funny, moving, deeply affecting. This is big cinema.


Found this oldie test animation

This forever = end to war and hunger and sexism and all other bad isms.

This forever = end to war and hunger and sexism and all other bad isms.

Well, that’s it for the first season of Rick And Morty, the hands down best thing on television right now (you heard me, Game Of Thrones). So glad they’ve been picked up for a second season. Brilliant doesn’t even begin to cut it…

This is a lovely illustration I got from an old friend on my birthday back in 2012, right before the world ended. I got it framed recently.

Dear Marvel studios…

Dear Marvel studios, bravo on Winter Soldier! What an incredible film!!! However, please realize that 3D has never helped your films, it has only ever hurt them. It is a bad habit and even though you use it with, I’m sure, only the best intentions, it has enhanced my enjoyment of your movies exactly never.
I remain a huge fan of your studio, its boundless creativity and increasingly fearless genre-hopping tendencies.
Your pal and your fan,

Simon Panneton

These advertisings for Daft Punk merchandise are amazing. These guys are doing it right…

This is a deleted scene from Gareth Evans’ The Raid 2: Berandal. But forget that for a second, because, really, this works fine as a short film. I swear. An ultra violent, insane, awesome short film. Now think on this: How good can The Raid 2: Berandal actually be, that they cut this piece is cinematic mastery from it? The Raid 2: Berandal opens Friday in limited release and will expend in the weeks to come. I cannot wait…

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There is literally zero reason why Paolo Rivera’s AMAZING above poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier can’t be the official one, other than Hollywood has long ago given up on making great poster art. It’s really too bad. This poster was commissioned by the film’s crew, and Rivera just fucking delivered the goods.

Another old shot of my friend Élise, rocking that French new wave look like she was born to.

My beautiful friend Élise, back in the days when I dabbled in photography…

This is Beyoncé’s video for a fantastic song called “Countdown” and just love everything about it.

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This is kind of brilliant. Found it at piecomic.

This is fascinating. This girl speaks mumbo jumbo in dozens of languages. You get to hear what your language sounds like to someone who doesn’t speak it.