This is fascinating. This girl speaks mumbo jumbo in dozens of languages. You get to hear what your language sounds like to someone who doesn’t speak it. 

2 excellent pieces reflecting on certain Oscars jokes and what they mean


First, by Amanda Hess at Slate

Second, by Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic

I first saw these because I read Ta-Nahesi Coates fairly regularly. He’s a very curious, very passionate, very intelligent writer and I love to see him take apart a subject, no matter what it is. Then I saw my name…

Proof that movie poster art is not dead. This is gorgeous.


Here’s the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Thanks for waiting!

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I can’t watch this because my new year resolution is no trailers in 2014, but I’m super eager for this film so you go ahead and check it out. Then tell me if it’s awesome. It is, right? Totally is. I can feel it…

A doodle. TV cheered me up tonight.

How do I cope with being an ugly 19 year old girl?


By joining the opposing team, which is Team You. 

I’m not going to tell you that you are beautiful, or that you’re beautiful on the inside, or any of that other stuff, because though it’s probably true, you’re not trying to hear anything like that. You’ve dug below a self esteem rut and are in the resigned phase, and I have been there, and I was angered by people’s assurances that I wasn’t ugly. 

But what you have to do is stop being on the opposite team as yourself. You have to stop dogging yourself at every turn, stop thinking of yourself in negative terms- you have to start being your own biggest supporter. If a stranger was talking about someone you care about the way that you think of yourself, you probably wouldn’t allow it, right? Why do you accept that kind of hatred inside yourself? 

This doesn’t mean being a fake person, or “not being honest” about who you are (my pet peeve is when people use honesty as a way to inflict pain), it just means that outwardly, you don’t joke about how ugly/dumb/fat/awkward you are, even if it makes people laugh. It means that inwardly, when you look in the mirror and a voice in your head says shitty things to you, you tell that voice to shut the fuck up with equal fervor and respond with something you like about yourself, even if you don’t believe it 100%. If you believe it 5%, keep saying it every day. We are all a product of our own self talk, and my dear, your self talk has been poisoning you a bit. 

Most of the people you see that seem to project confidence feel ugly too. In self-esteem as in confidence, sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. 

What she said.

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Anfan - A Precious Mechanism

Here is a little song a friend and I wrote last Summer that I am fond of. It’s about how no one and nothing can rob you of your capacity to fall in love. Maybe that sounds cheezy but to me it’s a conforting thought. Listen for my friends Clara and Raph joining me in the chorus. Lyrics below.

A precious mechanism

All the things that can go wrong

sometimes they go wrong

on and on from dawn to dawn

they break you when you’re down

but you have a mechanism

a machine that can’t be broken

when all else feels undone

you can still fall in love

Sometimes it feels like this lovely world

has turned it’s back on you

hands don’t wave and smiles all fade

but remember what is true

you have a mechanism

a machine that can’t be broken

when all else feels undone

you can still fall in love

I want more love.

Fast food on airplane wing.

This is kind of really great. Or really sad. In any case: It’s very true.

My doodle poster tribute of approval for Spike Jonze’s soulful, beautiful movie Her, which I saw tonight.

Was browsing tumblrland when I found this image, posted by this personNo idea where she found it. It brings back sweet memories attached to feelings that are weird and achy. Still, all that aside, it is such a beautiful image. The artist is Chiara Bautista.

Two pulpy sci-fi films in Summer 2014

I love sci-fi. I love grounded sci-fi stuff like Gravity and Appolo 13, but my heart is with the epic, pulpy as fuck sci-fi with bounty hunters and princesses of the univers and kick ass space ships. so I’m freaking out about this Summer because the Wachowskis are doing a sci-fi space opera, and so is James Gunn (via Marvel).

Here’s the first official (and really awesome) picture from James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy:

And here’s an insane shot from the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending:

Both these movies will have scope and epicness and great set pieces and space-lingo and lasers and daring-do and I can’t fucking wait.

Books I read in 2013

Just sharing this because what the hell:

  1. Gun machine, Warren Ellis
  2. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Susanna Clarke
  3. Warm bodies, Isaac Marion
  4. The Sisters brothers, Patrick DeWitt
  5. American gods, Neil Gaiman
  6. Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour book store, Robin Sloan
  7. The sweetness at the bottom of the pie, Alan Bradley
  8. A visit from the goon squad, Jennifer Egan
  9. The fault in our stars, John Green
  10. The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao, Junot Diaz
  11. March violets, Philip Kerr
  12. Never let me go, Kazuo Ishiguro
  13. The age of miracles, Karen Thompson Walker
  14. The Thin Man, Dashiell Hammet
  15. The Passage, Justin Cronin
  16. Everything is perfect when you’re a liar, Kelly Oxford
  17. Crap kingdom, DC Pierson
  18. Red harvest, Dashiell Hammet
  19. The raven boys, Maggie Stiefvater
  20. The great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald
  21. The scorpio races, Maggie Stiefvater
  22. The Dain curse, Dashiell Hammet
  23. Shiver, Maggie Stiefvater
  24. A cuckoo’s calling, Robert Galbraith / J.K. Rowlings
  25. Cinnamon and gunpowder: A novel, Eli Brown
  26. 52 pickup, Elmore Leonard
  27. Bossypants, Tina Fey
  28. Lullabies for little criminals, Heather O’Neill

(By the way, this list is chronological, from first read to last read)